A One-man Haying System


The Bale Caddie Model Series 1200 is truly a one-man haying system. With the patented Bale Caddie and Bale Grabber, you will be able to save time and money by more efficiently moving your hay from the field to storage, thereby preserving a higher quality, more nutritious bale.



Step 1 - Bale Your Hay

Step 1

Baling Hay

The Bale Grabber works with most major brands of balers.

Step 2


The Bale Caddie accumulates your bales in packs of 8 or 12 and dumps them in groups for easy pick up.

Step 2 - The Bale Caddie Accumulates Bales
Step 3 - Bale Grabber moves hay

Step 3

Moving Hay

The Bale Grabber, with it's innovative center rotating claws can move from 1 to 12 bales at a time and is compatible with any skid steer or loader. It will not cut bale twine.

Step 4


The Bale Grabber allows you to quickly and efficiently stack hay for hauling and storage. This saves time, preserving a more nutritious bale. From start to finish, it's a one-man haying system!

Step 4 - Stacking hay for moving



Governors Giant Vision 2008 First Place Winner
One Man Haying System
Inventor's Challenge Top Ten Finalist