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2012 Bale Caddie


NEW- Vertical Big Bale Grabber

TBH 3V (Model Number) / 84' W x 84" H / Two hook bars with five teeth on each
5 - 1.5" Diameter spears
Handles: 3- 3x3x8 bales 3- 3x4x8 bales 2- 4x4x8 bales

2012 Bale Caddie


2016 Bale Caddie Model 1200 with 12-pack Bale Grabber and skid steer mount.


2012 Bale Caddie


Used Bale Caddie:
Used for two haying seasons in South Dakota. All new 2016 updates and improvements are included. A paddle has been incorporated into the receiving bed. Includes new vertical grabber. In excellent condition.


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